Adam Kadmon


Our Adam Kadmon design by artist Luke Brown (in collaboration with Roman from Tribe 13) currently comes on a variety of Women's and Men's styles.

Adam Kadmon is a phrase meaning "Primal Man" or "Universal Man." It is the template or design for the human being. The Primal Man is composed of the very elements which were to become the world. In the Hindu tradition, the Primordial Man is identified both with the entire Universe and the soul or essence of all things.

In this design, Adam Kadmon is portrayed in the color blue. Blue signifies communication and self expression. It stimulates the ability to communicate one's deepest truths. A balance of the color blue brings intuition, inspiration, sincerity, peace, joy, tranquility, faith in oneself and trust in others.

Women's Styles:
Short Sleeve Tunic Tee in Black or Charcoal
Long Sleeve Hooded Tee in Asphalt
Ribbed Tank in Black

Men's Styles:
Short Sleeve Tee in Black
Short Sleeve *Organic* Tee in Charcoal

*Please note: Our T-shirt stock varies with available styles/colors; stock is limited to our current supply!

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