Tree of Life


This design was inspired by the Flower of Life, shown in the roots of the tree. This symbol has appeared in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Kabbalah, the Bible and many more religious references.

We live in a universe that is infinitely expanding. The concentric circles of the Flower of Life reveal that within a finite boundary, there is also the potential for infinite division. In this case, our human bodies are the finite boundary between the outward and inward expanding universe.... making each of us the center of our universe and hence we are all one!!!

Our Tree of Life design comes on assorted Women's and Men's styles.

Women's Styles:
Short Sleeve V-neck Tunic in Chocolate or Olive
Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee in Black

Men's Styles:
Short Sleeve Tee in Chocolate or Army
Short Sleeve Triblend Tee in Tri Coffee

*Please note: Our T-shirt stock varies with available styles/colors; stock is limited to our current supply!

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