About Us

What happens when you hear the word buddhaful?

The Dendritic Process

Dendrites are branch-like extensions in the brain that are formed by synaptic firing in stimulus-rich environments. They are activated when unusual and unique information is processed or routine thought patterns are interrupted.

"Buddhaful Wear for the Body, Mind and Soul"

Buddhaful is a vehicle for spreading conscious messages, positivity and inspiration through ART FASHION MUSIC LIFE. We began our Buddhaful adventure in Seattle in 1998.  We started out making wearable psychedelic art and slowly evolved into more high-end fashion.   Our designs are handmade in Bali.  We work with a collective of artists from all over the world, fusing different textures and influences to create magic!

 Currently, Buddhaful wear can be found in Japan, UK, Bali, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, most of Western Europe and all over the US.
Upon entering the modest heart of operations for Buddhaful, one will realize that the very people involved with helping to create and communicate the message of Buddhaful are also very involved with their community as artists.When it comes to developing a connection and a drive to unify all people and experiences in life today all over the world, Buddhaful will continue to strive for expanded, participated and reciprocated awareness.
"Have a Buddhaful Day!"