L.A. Yoga Magazine 09.01.2016:

Look who's wearing Buddhaful!

Other Press:

Fashion Minga, L.A. Fashion Show 10.18.12:

"A spiritual vibe was cast on the runway for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Buddhaful, which brings together music, art and fashion under one umbrella. The collective of designers favors tribal-inspired yogawear for men and women in a palette that included taupe, plum, army green and navy. The collection played around with ornate hoodies, with bustier ties in the back, elaborate collars, enlarged buttons and zipper details, with unforeseen, hidden pockets. The outerwear could easily be seen in an apocalyptic screen, bearing cargo, drawstring pants and military-inspired jackets with long tails." ~Apparel

"If relaxation is what you seek, Buddhaful‘s line of eclectic and relaxed designs will transport you to a state of pure bohemian bliss." ~The LA Fashion Magazine

Video from Fashion Minga featuring Buddhaful on the runway: